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About Us

Our Mission is specifically to provide strong Catholic community to individuals returning from incarceration or who simply have a criminal history. They need to be repentant and willing. We work to provide all a person needs in body and soul to be rebuilt, repaired, and restored in Christ.

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Our Guarantee

We accompany anyone to Christ, no matter the crime.

Our Values





Prayer and work.

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Our Spirituality

Our spirituality is to offer ourselves to God in union with Jesus on the cross as a sacrifice of mercy for the reparation and atonement for the worst sins and crimes committed in the world, to bring his mercy to the people in those situations:

  •  For the salvation of victims, especially those who perish in crimes

  •  For the healing and consolation of survivors

  •  For the conversion of sinners and criminals, especially the most hard hearted

For Returning Citizens

  • Find a community of God's love

  • Receive a personal mentor

  • Be forgiven

  • Find job and Catholic parish connections

  • Have stability

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