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About the Role

The Serenelli General Manager position holds together all the various threads of the new Serenelli Project organization and community of volunteers. The Serenelli Project exists to create Catholic faith-based communities inspired by the life of Alessandro Serenelli for prison re-entry, with an eye to creating a monastic community of religious for people with criminal records. The General Manager is the daily voice of the Serenelli Project, handling everything from general reception to working with vendors to event planning and program coordination. A key function of the position is sharing and being a good example of the Catholic faith through management of the Serenelli Project’s programs. The General Manager works with volunteers and leverages their work and generosity. While the CEO is responsible for the overall direction and growth of the Serenelli Project, the General Manager is responsible for using their independent judgment and discretion to run the daily operations of the Serenelli Project.

This is a part or full-time position. The General Manager is expected to work some weekends, some early mornings and/or evenings and nights, depending on volunteer and/or community support needs.


  • A bachelor’s degree 

  • Experience in nonprofit operations management  

  • The candidate needs to have strong interpersonal skills and an ability to energize and work with volunteers 

  • Self-starter. Reliable. Organized. Employs good judgment and independent discretion to set and achieve organizational goals. Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and achieve goals. 

  • A practicing Catholic in good standing with firm command of the Catholic faith. Passion for the Catholic faith and sharing Jesus and His Church with others. 

Duties and Responsibilities: Job duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: 

Achieve 3-4 annual goals set in collaboration with the Board of Trustees and the CEO, one of which will directly relate to fundraising
Drive forward the actions needed to support direction provided by the board and CEO
Collaborate with and provide support for volunteer staff to help them achieve their goals
Perform operational tasks, or utilize, onboard, and manage volunteer staff for such tasks, including but not limited to:
Management of office
Independently review and respond to info@ emails and calls from donors, clients, and volunteers
Social media content creation
Develop and maintain electronic and physical filing system
Maintain all accounts
Manage and select vendor accounts
Manage contact lists
Event planning for fundraiser events, feast days, and other important occasions
Program management and scheduling
Catholic In Recovery
Bridges to Life
Volunteer and member formation programs
Independently draft and respond to communications with donors
Report to the Board of Trustees quarterly on activities and progress
Complete continued professional training programs
Other duties as assigned

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