On Friday, May 6, the Serenelli Project closed on its first property on Delhi Avenue in Sedamsville. They hope to have residents in the new home by the end of the year.  The newly-purchased house will not be a half way house, but a permanent residence that will offer a stable Catholic faith community to men returning to civic life.

Mentorship Program

Thanks to the tireless work of our Volunteer Coordinator and Mentorship Team leader Don Lipps, we are able to train and connect mentors with mentees to walk with them on their journey of re-entry. The most essential aspect of the Serenelli Project's active apostolate is to connect people who are re-entering society from prison or who have a criminal record with the Lord Jesus and the Holy Catholic Church.

Praying Together
Church Candles

Preserving Church Items

A team of Serenellis were able to remove items from St. Louis Catholic Church in downtown Cincinnati to be stored and used when we obtain our facility. St.Louis closed at the end of 2020, and many of the items inside would be lost or thrown away if other churches and groups did not come to claim them. The Serenelli Project now has a set of two pews with matching front skirt pews, two dozen beautiful light fixtures, many smaller church and liturgical items, and a well-functioning electric organ.